Worked In A Professional Kitchen For Over Twenty Five Years

Kathy Stevenson Retired Chef
Kathy Stevenson Retired Chef

I Worked in a professional kitchen for over twenty five years, before finally settling down and enjoying my retirement. Over the years, I came to realize just how important high quality cookware and cutlery can be in the kitchen.  Even the best chef would be challenged without the right knife and cookware to back up their skills.

I continue to cook for family and friends. I began testing cookware sets and leading Japanese knives on the market.

Many of these knives I reviewed didn’t, er…make the cut. Or the cookware couldn’t perform the way good cookware should.

On this site I only include the best! most durable! and highest quality cookware and knives on the market. These are the products that passed my tests. Cookware and knife sets that I felt really made a difference in the kitchen.

Reviewing the best Cookware and the best Japanese knifes sets

Quality cookware and knives is a standard requirement for any professional chief or the at home professional. Reviewing the best Cookware and the best Japanese knifes sets and cookware sets is why we are here.

I will always only recommend the highest quality products available or the best cookware sets. And the best Japanese knifes sets that i have personally tested at home. We are always on the look out for that new tasty  recipe so you can try out your new cookware. If you have a tasty recipe please feel free to add it to our social media or blog.

If you have a product that you like or feel is  worthy of Kitchenairy.Com to review. Then please feel free to see if we haven’t already reviewed this products and if you don’t see it please drop us a line

I hope you enjoy reading my reviews and tips on cooking, and come back often to learn more as I continue to review the best cookware and cutlery for your professional or home kitchen.


-Kathy Stevenson



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