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What Great Cookware is Made in the USA?

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What Cookware is Made in the USA . The Americans are a proud bunch. They love to support their own industries. An American kitchen can’t be complete without a robust set of high-quality cookware made in the USA. There can be no other substitute for a cook up on thanksgiving, independence day, or during the SuperBowl.

Still, with so many brands on the market, and so much production outsourced internationally, how can you be 100 per cent sure that the cookware you are buying is USA made?

We’ve done some snooping around, and we can be sure these brands are as American as apple pie. Read on to discover the best USA cookware brands.

Company launched USA Pan in 2009

Firstly, the parent company started with two brothers in 1959. John Bundy Sr. and Russell T. Bundy began a small commercial bakeware company that grew into one of the largest commercial bakeware factories in the world. 

Still owned by the Bundy family to this day, the company launched USA Pan in 2009, using over 50-years of experience to produce high-quality, American made cookware for both commercial and residential kitchens.


This family-owned company is in its fourth generation, and their main operation is out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Calphalon is in Perrysburg, Ohio. Above all, they make a wide range of high-quality cookware, bakeware, cutlery and kitchen appliances.

Founded in 1963 under the name Commercial Aluminum Cookware by Ronald M. Kasperzak, Calphalon was initially a supplier to the restaurant industry and as well as other professional food services.


Even though the U.S. cookware industry market became more competitive in the following years, Mr Kasperzak would always be credited with inventing hard-anodized aluminium cookware.

Above all, Calphalon is still an industry-leading brand making a wide variety of quality bake and cookware for professional chefs and home cooking enthusiasts alike.


Viking Cookware

Although Viking Cookware has European origins, their quality cookware is now in Greenwood Mississippi. Part of the Middleby Corporation, the largest commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer in the world, Viking was famous for kitchen appliances in particular the following cookware!


The company now offers total kitchen solutions including cookware, kitchenware, ventilation, refrigeration, outdoor cookers, utensils dishwashing technology and more. 


The Viking brand continues to expand its range of quality cooking products and go from strength to strength as industry-forerunners. Above all, their wares are in professional and home kitchens around both America and the globe.

Nordic Ware 

Nordic Ware is a family-owned business in Minnesota. Founded by Dotty and her resourceful husband, Dave in 1946, The couple started Nordic Ware just after Dave returned from service in the second world war with little more than $500 to their name.


The company rose to fame with its famous shaped Bundt® cake pans and other high-quality bakeware. Since then, they have successfully expanded over many years of operation and now make cookware, kitchenware, plastic, and microwave cooking solutions.

The company has become known for making uniquely designed pans and pots for professional and home kitchens as well as their classic Nordic ware bake trays and cake molds today.


All-Clad Cookware

All-Clad cookware was born out of the U.S. steel boom around 1967. It began as a small metallurgical company specializing in bonded metals for a variety of industries. 


The company founder, John Ulam, realized the combination of different metals created composites that yielded superior results, giving birth to the creation of high-quality commercial and domestic cookware.

All of All-Clad’s is handcrafted in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, with American-made steel, and is widely sought after by the world’s top chefs and passionate home cooks.


American Kitchen Cookware

Made by skilled metal craft workers in West Bend, Wisconsin, American Kitchen lives up to its name. Above all, the parent company Regal Ware has been manufacturers of professional quality cookware for over 100-years.


The family-owned company wanted to create a brand that embodied the rugged individualism and enduring work ethic of the American workforce, dedicating themselves to creating quality products that perform.


With this ethos in mind, American Kitchen was born and has continued to develop a product line that focuses on the practical, real-world needs of cooking enthusiasts everywhere.


Tramontina Cookware

Tramontina USA began in 1986. The company produces highly-regarded products across a range of industries, including: 

  • Kitchen utensils and equipment
  • Appliances
  • Agricultural and gardening tools, 
  • Wooden and plastic furniture, 
  • Electronic hardware
  • Utility vehicles and civil construction
  • Industrial and automotive maintenance and more 

The company is driven by creating industry-leading products with innovation, design and technology and the highest quality.

Tramontina’s cookware is highly regarded by chefs and home cooks across America and the world. The brand is well known for their Tri-Ply stainless steel cooking vessels. Above all, these consist of 18/10 stainless steel, aluminium cores and magnetic stainless steel base for even heat distribution.


Kitchen Craft Cookware

A true American success story, Kitchen Craft was founded in 1906 in a barn near the heartland community of West Bend, Wisconsin, USA. To brothers who were working as farmers, but also incredibly well-skilled metal workers, handcrafted the world’s first waterless cooker.


They designed a cooker that had a water seal rim around the edge. Therefore, this changed the way the health-conscious cooks of America prepare meals for their families.

Above all, the duo engineered fasteners on the cover that seal in the natural flavours and nutrients of the organic vegetables they grew on their farms.

Kitchen Craft expanded over the following decades and into the next century, expanding its production into a vast range of high-quality cookware and appliances used in professional and residential kitchens all over the world.


Lodge Cast Iron Cookware

Lodge Cast Iron has been making solid iron cookware for over a century and comes out of South Pittsburg, Tennessee. They create high-quality cast iron cookware with a focus on environmentally friendly manufacturing practices and raw materials.


Much of what they produce is from recycled iron from old cookware and industrial waste. Above all, the company also prides itself on being a major economic contributor to its local workforce and economy.

Therefore, when you purchase quality ironware from Lodge Cast Iron, you are not just purchasing premium American cookware for your kitchen, but also contributing to a better planet, and a cleaner environment. What Cookware is Made in the USA? know you know.

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