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The World of Japana Home Knives & Kitchen Tools

The World of Japana Home Knives & Kitchen Tools

The World of Japana Home Knives & Kitchen Tools! Japan has always been renowned for crafting the highest-quality blades in the world, forged with delicate and mindful precision. Whether it is a majestic Japanese sword or a simple cutlery knife, the same amount of dedication to perfection is always applied.

This spirit of the samurai is deeply ingrained into every item Japana Home diligently designs and produces, from their range of exquisite kitchen blades, hand-made by expert Japanese swordsmiths, to their minimalistic and stylish home wear accessories.

There is no blade in Japana Home’s collection that is constructed with ready-made components. The passionate and dedicated team oversees the entire process from beginning to end. 

Each knife is forged and hand-polished by selected Japanese bladesmiths using techniques passed down through generations.

Built from humble beginnings, Japana Home now supplies the global market with practical and beautiful kitchen tools that bring a little bit of Japanese mysticism and elegance into the home kitchen.

This is one of those exceptional companies that has evolved via the perfect amalgamation of East and West

Just like the techniques passed down through these master swordsmiths family lines, so does Japana Home endeavour to produce and supply quality knives and accessories that get passed down through your family for generations to come.

Read on to find out more about some of Japana Home’s flagship products and see the beauty for yourself.

The Gyuto Signature Japanese Kitchen Chef’s Knife 21cm by Sakai Kyuba

This beautiful kitchen knife is the result of a 1000-years of tradition. This Japana Home signature blade has been meticulously handcrafted in Japan by Sakai’s master blacksmith.

It is forged from the highest quality V10 46-layer Damascus hammered stainless steel, hand beaten, shaped and polished by hand. This sturdy, ultra-sharp precision blade cuts like a katana, slicing effortlessly and elegantly.

The handle or “Tsuka” is made of stabilised, high-quality maple wood and comes in green, blue and brown finishes.

This precision kitchen tool is presented in a natural finish pinewood box, making it a perfect gift for the culinary enthusiast.


Product benefits

  • V10 46-layer Damascus stainless steel
  • 210mm / 8.5-inches
  • Versatile all-rounder

Mutsumi Hinoura Petty 135mm Shirogami Kurouchi Custom Japanese Knife

This limited edition Matsumi Hinoura Petty is a 135mm hand forged blade consisting of a traditional steel core with Stainless steel cladding, and is recommended for busy chefs and home cooks alike, 

Mutsumi Hinoura has trained and worked with his Father, master blacksmith Tsukasa Hinoura, since 2001, in Sanjo.

Similar to his Father’s blades, Mutsumi Hinoura’s knives are styled with good distal tapers and wide Kariba style bevels. 

The family’s unique blacksmith techniques produce knives that keep a fine edge longer than any other blade on the market. No two handcrafted blades are the same giving each one a life of its own. 

This knife is not one for the kitchen drawer. It is made with traditional methods meaning over time each knife will develop its own unique dark patina; however, it will require care to stop orange rust from forming. After all, something of this higher quality should require care and attention.

Products benefits

  • Kurouchi finish
  • HRC 63-64
  • Steel core and stainless cladding 

Japana Signature Japanese Kitchen Knife Set by Sakai Kyuba

The flagship knife set by Japana Home Knives, these beautiful blades will be the last ones you will ever need to buy for your kitchen.

This set comes with a Gyuto 210mm chef’s knife, a classic Japanese 260mm Nakiri blade for chopping and dicing, and a stunning 150mm Petty utility knife.

These Sakai Kyuba knives have been diligently and patiently designed! forged and then rigorously tested to embody the spirit of thousands of years of proud and revered Japanese black smithery.

Ending in a knife that is sturdier and sharper than anything you have previously used in the kitchen.

All three knives are all forged with V10 46-Layer Damascus steel, legendary for its plasticity, hardness and distinctive pattern. They have each been hammer beaten by hand leaving a rustic but stylish finish.

Each knife comes with traditional octagonal Wa-handles cut from stabilised maple wood available in green, blue and brown. They are presented in an elegant natural finish pinewood box to keep them in premium condition.

Products benefits

  • Chef’s knife (Gyuto 210mm / 8.5in)
  • Vegetable / fruit knife (Nakiri 160mm / 7in)
  • Utility knife (Petty 150mm / 5in)

Japana Wooden Magnetic Knife Stand Block

If you wish to make your beautiful new set of Damascus steel knives a centrepiece in your kitchen, then this beautiful magnetic display board is the perfect medium.

These magnetic knife boards celebrate nature as art in its own right. 


These display boards come in either dark walnut or natural oak embossed with the Japanese crest “Japana Kamon”, the three fans used by ancient Geishas, and the inspiration for the company name. 

Each board can hold up to seven knives with strong, hidden neodymium magnets—the perfect display for perfect knives.

Placemat Japanese Motives – waves

This sophisticated set of six handcrafted tablecloths are made from 100% Japanese cotton from Tokyo.

They have been stylised with a traditional Japanese wave pattern that celebrates the nature of water; a natural element continually celebrated in Japanese art and culture.

Placemat Japanese Motives - waves

Each cloth measures 50 x 60cm and makes for an impressive table centrepiece at your next dinner party. is your one-stop-on-line-shop for premium quality home and kitchenware. Sign up to our mailing list today for the latest trending homewares and products, informational content and exclusive special offers. or check out our Other Great Knives Review Here

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