There is an infinite amount of kitchen utensils and gadgets that could fill your kitchen up front to back. Every drawer, cupboard and shelf of the even most robust kitchen could be choc-full of vessels, utensils, gadgets and cooking products doing everything from kneading your dough to merely blending tasty concoctions.

However, how many of Kitchen Utensils do you actually need? If you are just starting out on your culinary journey, what do you really need as an essential collection of kitchen items to do a majority of your cooking?

The team here at Kitchenairy has stripped your kitchen back to the bare essentials to ask the question, what kitchen utensils do you need in every kitchen? Read on to learn more.

Kitchen Utensils

Although there has been a product designed and made for every small facet of your kitchen and cooking adventures, you may be surprised at how little you need in Kitchen Utensils to create amazing dishes from your home kitchen—some of these things you may have already.


Many people have a basic knife set in a block on their kitchen bench. And probably a second draw full of them as well. However, if you are not one of these knife hoarders, then you will need three main knives in your kitchen.


Chefs knife

A Chef’s knife is a larger knife with which you will do a majority of your cutting. Your chef’s blade must be sharpened regularly, as a blunt knife actually poses a greater risk of you slipping and cutting yourself by accident. So a sharp and well kept knife makes an essential part of your Kitchen Utensils inventory.

Chef’s knife

Serrated knife

If you are cutting things like loaves of bread, cakes or pastries, then a serrated knife is essential. Serrated knives are a series of tiny blades cutting through your produce sequentially, which makes quick, light work of your tasty treats.

Paring knife

A paring knife is a small blade used for precision cutting like slicing or mincing smaller items or cutting around fruit stones or fine fish bones. This is another blade you want to ensure you keep sharp to avoid slips and mishaps.

paring knife

Cutting Boards

A good quality cutting board or cutting board set is as much about safety and hygiene as it is protecting your kitchen surfaces. A cutting board gives you a clean surface to cut any materials and produce you use in your cuisine while avoiding permanent scratches and marks on your benchtops or sink. 

cutting board

cutting board set

Most cutting boards are also made with anti-microbial materials or timbers like bamboo, helping to avoid bacteria and cross-contamination of your food. They also protect your knives from getting dulled on hard surfaces saving you time sharpening and reducing the chance of dangerous slips and mishaps. A clean cutting board should be part of your Kitchen Utensils list. 

Cutting boards


If you are skilled with a blade, then you can peel most fruit and vegetables with a knife. This does tend to waste a lot of produce, and it poses an unnecessary risk of lacerations.


There are thousands of fancy peelers on the market; however, a simple everyday vegetable peeler is generally an inexpensive investment that will keep your hands safe from harm and make fast work of vegetable matter with little waste. Make sure you keep one handy in your kitchen.


Vegetable peeler

Measuring Cups and Spoons

A little precision can ensure consistent results with your cooking every time. Having a quality set of measuring tools is the best way to make sure things are the right consistency, texture and flavour.

measuring tools

Measuring cups and spoons are cost-effective kitchen aids that will make sure your loaves of bread rise, your stews are not too salty, and your sauces are five star every time. It is also wor then investing in larger measuring cups for things like stocks and larger volumes of liquid.

Measuring cups


Larger measuring cups

Kitchen Utensil sets

It is well worth investing in a set of kitchen tools in your Kitchen Utensils arsenal. These items are essential for lifting, stirring, serving, picking up and whisking delicious dishes. Here is a small list of things you will find in most basic cooking utensil sets:

Set of kitchen tools

There are copious amounts of different Kitchen Utensils tools on the market, and you will find that your collection grows as you discover more recipes and expand your culinary repertoire. Still, until they are required, these essential items will give you an excellent foundation for your cooking.

Kitchen Scissors

Kitchen scissors, also known as kitchen shears, often get overlooked in Kitchen Utensils, and once you start using them, you will realise what you have been missing out on. No matter if you are opening packets, cutting broccoli or herbs, chopping through chicken bones or even trimming the crust of a pie, kitchen scissors or shears are an underutilised hero of the kitchen.

Kitchen scissors

Kitchen shears

Kitchen scissors



A colander is a perforated bowel that allows you to wash or drain food items like vegetables, rice or pasta. For things like rice, it may be worth having a mesh colander so the grains don’t fall through the holes like they would on a strainer for pasta.


mesh colander

Strainer for pasta.


There are many kinds of grater on the Kitchen Utensils market, but if you want to maximise your options, a box grater is the best place to start. Box graters have four sides with four different grating grades and types, leaving you prepared for any situation.


Box grater

Box graters

Preparation bowls

As the saying goes, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Any chef will tell you the secret to good cooking comes from effective preparation. Many new cooks are left with burnt or ruined meals by merely not having everything ready before they start cooking.

Having a selection of stainless steel or plastic preparation bowls of various sizes will help you avoid culinary disasters and grievous disappointments that can occur with underprepared cooking.

Stainless steel

Plastic preparation bowls

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